Salamis Ancient City

salamis antik

Reflecting the ancient origins of Cyprus and the different groups that have all tried to get their own little piece of Mediterranean Heaven, the City of Salamis gives a fascinating glimpse into life in a pre-Christian Port town. Although destroyed by an earthquake in 270 BC, some habitation continued. Tradition has it that the city was founded by Teucer, son of Telamon who was prevented from returning home after the Trojan war because of his failure to avenge his brother Ajax, although bronze age structures have been found at the site, suggesting there was an earlier occupation.

During its history, the city came under the rule of the Greeks, the Persians and the Romans, as well as indications that St Paul visited Salamis as part of his first missions. All these occupiers put their own distinctive styles into the layout and buildings so that today the ruins are a mix of these cultures.

There is a temple to Zeus, a huge Amphitheatre, gymnasium and a Byzantine Church as well as burial chambers and a small museum which showcases the finds from the ongoing excavation.

As a plus, there are clean white sandy beaches and a view of the ocean that stretches forever so you can take a picnic and relax in the Cypriot sunshine for a while before immersing yourself in the history of this unique site once again.